Preliminary Technology Plan

Due: March 21

This should include:
• the technologies you expect to utilize in your business
• how the technologies will drive your enterprise
• the target market for your business
• and the projected cost of implementation or intended expenditure

This is an informal outline of the tech side of your envisioned business. This information does not have to be what you necessarily end up with. Nor does it have to be entirely correct. The point is for us to have a starting point of what you think you need to build your business.

Please remember to be specific. How do users access your business? Will they need access or will it be public? Think about the tech we have covered so far. Consider what of that information you might implement into your plan. Think about your market: Do they have access to internet? What percentage has a phone? What percentage needs to access info on the go? etc.

The assignment tag is PrelimTechPlan (When you add a “New Post” to your blog, add the tag at the bottom right of the screen. )

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