Marketing and Hulu: Biz Assignment for Week 5

For Monday’s class, please read the Hulu case (In the Harvard Biz Materials online packet) and the Note on Marketing Strategy (at the back of your printed packet). We will also review the other marketing readings (see the e-mail below) so refresh your memory on those before class.

— For your brief writing response for our next class (due Sunday, March 13 at 5pm), please summarize three key points you took away from the Note on Marketing Strategy reading and apply those points briefly to Hulu. We will start class with a discussion of some of your written responses, so please be prepared to explain, defend or elaborate on your analysis.

— Please keep your analysis as concise as possible, and draw on specific examples, data and facts from the reading material and case where possible. This should be no longer than 250 words – 150 words is fine. You can structure your response as you prefer – with a series of bullet points or in some other format, whatever you find to be the most effective way to convey your analysis. Remember to use the following tag in your post: biz5hulu

Previous Readings to Refresh: “Some Thoughts on Business Plans” and review (or read if you haven’t yet) the following marketing readings from this week: “Market Research,” “Marketing Analysis Toolkit,” and “Can You Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing?”

One thought on “Marketing and Hulu: Biz Assignment for Week 5

  1. Mathias: $40 and $50 CPM vs. major broadcast networks $15 and $25 CPM
    Yeah, and YouTube’s user-generated CPM’s at $10. The case states: “CPMs for premium video sites could be 50% to 100% higher than those for television.” Isn’t that how it should be? Technology lets us look at consumers as individuals, and professional content is worth more than mash-ups or the vast majority of amateur hour. The cited Bloomberg article says advertisers are willing to pay more for and because they “provide committed viewers who actively seek out shows.” But even if “advertising-supported content is a $60 billion industry,” I’m still wondering when we hit the ceiling.

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