The Internet Wish List + an Article

This looks like it could be a great asset for keeping an eye on what the world wants from the web. It may also help you understand who to focus on as far as your business market is concerned.

I don’t think enough people know about it yet though. Maybe we can contribute by spreading the word?

It doesn’t really have any “how to wish” instructions, but it looks like you just tweet them to @theiwl

additionally, in the spirit of our guest this Monday (Mike Haney) who will be discussing the topic of interactive publishing (for mobile devices — on which we will be going into further detail toward the end of the term) check out this article from Forbes Mag. It presents a series of principles and thought processes in regards to publishing articles in a web-based or digital format.

Their argument is essentially that the digital medium is indeed a different medium and should be treated as such when delivering content–something we all know in theory but tend to not see in practice.

See you all on Monday!

Shedding Some Light on the Cloud

We seem to be hearing a lot about the cloud lately. And it seems to take on two forms: One that speaks to consumers as a magical service that frees them from the confines of an office (omitting any explanation on how it works or why it should be trusted) and one that speaks to server administrators and technicians in a language that most of us can’t understand (with little explanation on how it applies to consumers).

Here is a cheat sheet and some videos on the cloud that take into account both ends of the spectrum and attempt to simplify the concepts around it.

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