New Tech Assignment Pages

To all,

I added a page for the Prelim Tech Plan and the Tech Observation. You can access it by navigating to the Tech Immersion category on your menu bar. They are both under Assignments.

Please post your responses to your blog and add the assigned TAG to the post.

Additionally, we are going to be having a data vis lunch at the end of this month. Rebecca Shapely from Google Fusion will be stopping by to help us with the data we have put together.

To prepare for her, can you please:
1) pick a relevant set of data related in some way to your project
2) follow the tutorial iwith Fusion Tables and
3) Put together a simple Fusion Table Graphic (map, timeline, chart, whatever) and embed it into a blog post in advance of the visit from Google’s Rebecca Shapley, which will likely happen during the last week in March.

Here are the tutorial files. There is a pdf and data folder for each lesson (their names more or less correspond). Let me know if you need assistance.

These visualisations could be great for your final presentation as well as look great in our class interactive pub we will be compiling end of term. If you aren’t sure what data to use, this may also be a great opportunity to collect data on your potential audience.

See you all tomorrow.

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  1. Correction: please be sure to use the assigned TAG not CATEGORY.
    (My apologies)

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