Huff x Keller: another chapter of the content wars

Web’s most confusing post title?

Bill Keller Accuses Me of “Aggregating” an Idea He Had Actually “Aggregated” From Me

There is an ongoing battle between two media giants – NYT and HP – and Arianna voiced her side of the story on theĀ front page of the Huff Po today.

Let me “Huff Posticize” what she said, here:

She starts by suggesting that the feud might be a result of the recent Huff Po/AOL merge creating a staggering number of page news that outnumber the Times’ current statistics (Jan 2011 point to 1.5 billion vs. 750 million).

The piece is covered with feisty remarks – such as Keller’s “patting himself on the back so hard I’d be surprised if he didn’t crack a rib”.

She attacks Keller’s description of the Huff Po as containing nothing more than “celebrity gossip, adorable kitten videos, posts from unpaid bloggers and news reports from other publications” – to which she replies that he must be looking at another site and not the Huff Po.

She claims they have “148 full-time editors, writers, and reporters engaged in the serious, old-fashioned work of traditional journalism” – a number which surprised me.

It goes on and on – with each part claiming that their thoughts and words were “aggregated” by the other – 15 minutes of 2 years later.

Frankly, I would have preferred to read a tweet.

I’m not going to go on Huff Posticizing, you can check out the original post here.

To resolve a qualm like this – what better than the facts? Someone please publish the ratio of original to “aggregated” content on Huff Po and please move on to focusing on journalism issues that really matter.

2 thoughts on “Huff x Keller: another chapter of the content wars

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  2. I agree, this petty little war is as devoid of content as most of HuffPo. Oops, picked a side there. I actually felt motivated to post a comment to the Times article, saying–too mildly, probably–that I objected to his devaluing aggregators en masse. Now “aggregator” is conflated with “plagiarizer” — great. I mean, clever way around calling Arianna out, and everyone’s been tweeting the soundbite, but I find it smug and misleading. Humph.

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