Monday, Monday & the Great Web Race

Happy Weekend Everyone,

Tomorrow we will be heading off to Pivotal Labs in Union Square for the wonderful Google Fusion talk with Hacks/Hackers. The talk will be hosted by developer relations engineer Kathryn Hurley from the Bay Area. I am very excited to see what they have in store for us.

The talk starts at 6:30 so we will be leaving the J-School around 5 to 6PM. The NRQ is right down the block so it should take us no time to get there.

Before we do so, we will be meeting in our class for a zippy activity.  The Activity, dubbed The Great Web Race (of ’11), is as follows:

Upon arriving to class you will break into 3 groups. Each group is assigned a topic regarding their assigned method and approach to web development. You will have 12 minutes to find and provide the following:

  • define your team method (in plain english)
  • identify tools needed (software, special knowledge, programmer, etc.)
  • identify the advantages it offers   (why pick this method)
  • identify the disadvantages it offers  (why avoid it)
  • give example sites (1 or 2 is fine)

After which you will have 5 minutes each to explain your method to the rest of us and show us an example or two of what it looks like when put into practice. (Obviously some websites incorporate all of these elements).

The groups are as follows:

Team CMS: Matt, Ernest, Robin, Shane

Team H5: Indrani, Ikilezi, Sonali, YouYoung

Team Flash/Static: Hong, Matthias, Mariana, (Jeanne)

Here are your resources:

I know it’s a bit risky and the time is limited, but we are a bit behind on all the things we need to get to this term, and this beats listening to me for 27 minutes, don’t it?

No need to prepare, I will have these groups and guidelines on the board or projector when you arrive. But there are no winners, to if you want to check out these resources or bring your own, feel free!