Monday’s Assignment & an Updated Syllabus

Hey gang,

Just a reiteration of last weeks assignment:

  • Please describe your business
  • Identify the actual “product” of the business
  • Whether it will be high traffic or low traffic (or even medium traffic)
  • Whether it will need to be housed in a large space or a small space

in addition please add some notes on your target market:

  • regional: will they be local, national, or global?
  • generational: are the young or old?
  • medium: are they on the go or stationary (mobile, desktop, etc.)
  • industry: The Any Man, journalists, etc…

Please post this on your blog by 9PM Sunday.

Also, please take a look at the new and improved syllabus. There is quite a bit of new information. We will take some time to discuss in Monday’s class. Feel free to bring a list of questions.

Technology Immersion -Syllabus