Shedding Some Light on the Cloud

We seem to be hearing a lot about the cloud lately. And it seems to take on two forms: One that speaks to consumers as a magical service that frees them from the confines of an office (omitting any explanation on how it works or why it should be trusted) and one that speaks to server administrators and technicians in a language that most of us can’t understand (with little explanation on how it applies to consumers).

Here is a cheat sheet and some videos on the cloud that take into account both ends of the spectrum and attempt to simplify the concepts around it.

Cloud Computing in Plain English

Cloud Computing Explained

Virtualization in Plain English

Lastly check out this. What impact could an internal social network have on businesses?

One thought on “Shedding Some Light on the Cloud

  1. We set up a cloud server on Amazon for few months, but we needed a pretty big instance and ran up nearly $1000! Now we run our own server for all the heavy data processing, but display it with one of Amazon’s free instances. If you really want to set it up yourself, Dave Winer’s EC2 for Poets tutorial isn’t too bad.

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